Martha's Vineyard Fly Fishing Company

US Coast Guard Certified Master Captain, Bucky Burrows guides saltwater fly fishing charters on the waters of
Martha's Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands. The Elizabeth Islands, which run fourteen miles southwest from
Woods Hole to Cuttyhunk, separate Vineyard Sound from Buzzard's Bay. These waters produce some of the
best saltwater fly fishing on one of the most spectacular coastlines in the Northeast. Novice to expert,       
Martha's Vineyard Fly Fishing Company will show you the excitement of saltwater fly fishing.
From May 15th to October 15th, half, full day and multi-day charters are available, for one or two anglers, at
reasonable rates.

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Bucky for charter rates and availability.
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What is it like to fish with Martha's Vineyard Fly Fishing Company?  

Here is a typical day.

You arrive at the Lake Tashmoo Landing before the sun rises, which in mid June, is around five a.m.  You
should have your rods rigged with a new 12-20 pound test leader.  A chartreuse and white deceiver or clouser
would be a good choice of fly to start the day.  In your day pack should be extra clothing (rain and wind gear if
the weather is threatening),water, sunblock, good polarized sunglasses and a brimmed hat.  Boat shoes or light
colored soft soled shoes should be worn or you can go bare foot if the weather is warm .  Remember that
anything that can catch a fly line, will catch the fly line when you least expect it.  Minimize  fly line catchers on
your clothes(zippers, buttons, shoelaces,etc.) Hopefully, you got up early enough to either make coffee or stop
at one of the many coffee shops open early.  An extra cup  for the captain would go a long way to getting the
trip off to a good start

On the way out of Lake Tashoo ,Bucky will ask you about yourselves , your experiences and your abilities  He
will also go over any and all safety related issues.  Sometimes, there are fish  breaking the surface before you
get to Vineyard Sound.  The jetties at Lake Tashmoo hold a lot of smaller stripers and in season, there are false
albacore and bonito that congregate around this productive area  Once clear of the jetties, it is wind breakers
zipped and hats on tight.  There will be a ten to fifteen minute ride across or down Vineyard Sound to the first
stop of the day.

Depending on what
you want out of this charter, Bucky will take you to where he thinks he can satisfy your
wishes.  Sometimes, depending on a lot of factors, that may be a compromise.  The main concerns are wind,
tide and angler ability.  Angler ability has the most to do with where you will be fishing.  Saltwater fly fishing is an
athletic endeavour.  The boat is constantly moving, the fish are moving and the wind is only rarely in your favor.  
An angler should be able to place a large fly into a five foot circle from forty feet away. This would be the
minimum requirement.  But do not let that deter anyone who is not up to snuff.  Bucky can teach you the basics
and have you catching your first striper, on the fly, before the trip is over.  

Hopefully, there will be fish feeding on or near the surface.  A careful approach is needed and the angler should
be able to deliver a large fly when the fish come into range.  Setting the hook, getting the fish on the reel and
finally bringing the fish to boat side are some of the tactics you will be introduced to or get a chance to perfect.

Don't look at your watch because  the  hours have just disappeared.  Anglers cannot believe how fast their half
day trip can go by.  A short trip back to Lake Tashmoo and you will  gear down at the dock.  Hopefully ,you have
seen and caught some of the excitement of saltwater fly fishing.

e-mail for rates and other booking information
508-693-8431 home
801-652-9614    cell

Martha's Vineyard Fly Fishing Company
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Without a chartreuse and white sparkling deceiver and some sparkling leadeye minnows, you are going to be
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